What to wear in California

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The coast, the palm trees, the cool breeze amidst the hot sun and the giant “Hollywood” sign. It sounds like southern California is on the itinerary.

Southern California (SoCal) has lots to offer, and the weather is pretty amiable which means you don’t have to pack for extreme temperatures. Although you will need to be prepared with a few cautionary layering items, most of your packing list will consist of clothes that you can wear all throughout the southern part of the state.
The challenge is that no trip to California is complete without making a road trip up north then going from coastal beach towns, such as San Jose, to wine tasting in Napa Valley, to checking out the parks and scenery in the Big Sur area. Bigger cities such as Los Angeles and San Diego require a few additional items for a night on the town or city sightseeing.

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