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Travel Guide to Miami (Part two)

What do you do when it’s cold and windy in Ohio?  Go to Miami, of course.  People from all over the world flock to Miami in the winter, because it’s beautiful, warm and there’s a lot to do and eat!

I tagged along with my husband on a work trip, and got to experience some cool places on Miami Beach, as well as stay with a friend at her place in Palmetto Bay.  We’ve visited before, and I wrote up a complete review of what we did here: Travel Guide to Miami.  This time, we stayed in Miami Beach for most of the time and got to experience some new things.

Since it was a work trip, we got to stay at the Fountainebleau.  The history there is fascinating.  According to Wikipedia, it’s “one of the most historically and architecturally significant hotels in Miami Beach.”  I mean there were scenes from Scarface, Goldfinger and The Bodyguard all filmed here.  Needless to say, it’s pricey.  If he hadn’t been there for work, we would have opted for a much cheaper option and just stopped in for a visit.  Either way though, it was beautiful.  The pools were amazing, and there is a boardwalk right outside the hotel so you can walk along it in the morning and walk right up to the ocean. 

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The boardwalk
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The lobby with the beautiful chandeliers
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The Fountainebleau pool

What was really amazing though?  The Lapis Spa.  It’s pricey for a service (prices ranged from $100-up, plus a tax.  A 50-minute hot stone massage will run you about $180), but you get to use the entire spa facilities for the entire day.  We took advantage of that and were there for hours.  The facilities include a mineral pool, mineral hot tub, rain room, Eucalyptus room, and more water treatments.  There are cold cucumbers waiting to be put on your eyes… fresh fruit and mint water in multiple locations.  You walk around in your bathrobe and slippers and choose which water treatment to enjoy.  I have to say, it was one of the most relaxing, enjoyable times I’ve had at a spa.  I highly recommend this, even if you’re not staying at the hotel.  

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We ate dinner at The Continental, which was a fabulous restaurant with unique food.  I had an Asian-inspired meal that had unique ingredients.  It had a vintage vibe, which I love.

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After dinner, we had drinks at The Broken Shaker, which is a bar inside the Freehand Miami Hostel.  The place was truly unique, and had vintage-inspired cocktails with a twist.  I told the bar tender (or “mixologist”) that I liked Old Fashioned, and he made me a bourbon drink with some interesting bitters.  We also met people from all over the world, which made the drinking company fascinating.  A restaurant owner from Italy, a couple from NYC and a Spanish pilot.  Very fun place with good vibes!

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IMG 3327

Lastly, we visited the Deering Estate, which is inside a beautiful park with rows of palm trees right by the water.  It was serene and relaxing, and I would highly recommend spending the $12 entrance fee to walk around.  (There is a Starbucks next door, so pick up a latte first!)

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Miami is always a delight, especially when Ohio’s weather isn’t so delightful.  It’s also especially a delight when you have wonderful company to visit with who live there.  (Shout to to Heidi, Wayne and B!  Love to you all!)

Where are you escaping this winter?

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