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33 Wooden Giants Hidden in Plain Sight: Discover Thomas Dambo Trolls in the US

As you meander through the picturesque landscapes of the United States, a magical surprise awaits you. Hidden among the lush forests, tranquil parks, and bustling cities are the enchanting creations of renowned Danish artist Thomas Dambo.

These aren’t just any sculptures — the Thomas Dambo trolls are colossal structures, each with a story to tell and a charm that captivates the hearts of all ages.

In this article, we’ll embark on a journey to explore the wondrous world of Dambo’s trolls, scattered across the U.S. Each is crafted meticulously from recycled materials, becoming masterpieces that blend art, nature, and environmental consciousness.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply in search of a whimsical adventure, the Thomas Dambo trolls promise an experience like no other. Let’s step into their world and uncover the magic hidden in the heart of America’s landscapes.

Bernheim Forest, Kentucky / United States - Aug 17, 2019: Forest Giant Little Nis reflecting on pond, Art installation by Thomas Dambo
Little Nis Bernheim Forrest, Kentucky I Photo Credit: Trey Thomas / Shutterstock

Getting to Know Thomas Dambo

Thomas Dambo, a Danish artist and musician with a master’s degree in design from the Kolding Design School, has carved a unique niche for himself in the art world as a pioneer of recycled art.

Born in Odense Denmark and currently based in Copenhagen, Dambo has been passionate about building and creating with wood since he was 5 years old. This childhood hobby of scavenging discarded wood for his projects has evolved into a lifelong mission of turning trash into treasure.

Worldwide Recognition

Since beginning his trolls venture in 2014, Dambo has become widely recognized as the world’s leading recycle artist, a reputation he has earned through his dedication to using recycled materials for creating art.

His more than 100 larger-than-life sculptures are made from recycled wood and stand as a testament to his creativity and commitment to sustainability. Aside from the U.S., they can be found in Denmark, France, Germany, China, South Korea, and Chile.

Whimsy Storytellers

Dambo’s work is a fusion of art and activism, aiming to inspire exploration, adventure in nature, and a new perspective on the potential of discarded materials. Each sculpture is not just an art piece but also a storyteller, inviting people to explore the depths of woodlands and see the natural world through a whimsically different lens.

Though hidden, the trolls are meant to be discovered by those who are diligent and curious, often requiring the solution to a riddle to be found. This interactive aspect of his work extends the experience of art from mere observation to active participation and exploration.

Additionally, the trolls serve as a medium to bring people together and raise awareness about the importance of recycling and conservation.

Creating the Trolls

The process of creating Dambo’s trolls is a communal effort, involving the collaboration of many people. In South Londonderry Vermont, for instance, he led a team of 50 — including volunteers — to assemble a gigantic troll sculpture in just two weeks.

Each of these sculptures, which can cost anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000, is a result of various factors — like the country of installation, size, and location.

Know Before You Go: All of the Thomas Dambo Trolls are expected to last at least three years before they start noticeably deteriorating, after which the local communities decide their future. To help the repurposed materials last longer, visitors are discouraged from climbing on them.

Dambo’s Other Works

Dambo’s artistic journey is diverse, stretching beyond sculpture. Before focusing on recycled art installations, he explored creativity through music, street art, and scenic design.

His art installations — like Happy Alphabet, Happy Wall, and Future Forest — showcase his design acumen and ability to create interactive experiences. These works range from vibrant gardens made of recycled plastics to functional Christmas markets crafted from commercial refuse — all designed to be immersive and awe-inspiring.

Way of the Bird King Trolls

In the summer of 2023, Dambo launched “Way of the Bird King,” a monumental U.S. tour involving the creation of 10 troll sculptures across the country. Along with 22 builders, he used over 1,000 discarded pallets to craft these magical woodland creatures — stretching from Vermont to Washington state.

This project embodies Dambo’s dream of a coast-to-coast American road trip and represents his “big American breakthrough.” More than an artistic endeavor, the tour is a mission to showcase the beauty of repurposed materials, inspire a connection with nature, spark imagination, and foster environmental responsibility.

Northwest Trolls Collaboration

In the Pacific Northwest, Dambo collaborated with members of the Muckleshoot and Snoqualmie Tribes, ensuring respect for Indigenous traditions, especially since the trolls are set on their traditional territories.

Notably, he worked closely with Muckleshoot tribal member and artist John Halliday, known as Coyote. Coyote’s involvement includes a cultural exchange trip to Denmark and contributing to the troll in West Seattle by painting a flute.

This collaboration highlights shared values between Dambo and the tribes regarding environmental stewardship and the importance of caring for Mother Earth.

NOTE: The trolls are accompanied by poems, some of which offer insight into where to find the giants. We’ve included the poems for you to get a sense of the trolls’ personalities.

Lost Finn

South Londonderry, Londonderry Vermont

Lost Finn sits as a hidden gem tucked away in the serenity of a private woodland. Visitors embarking on the journey to discover the giant are treated to a 0.75-mile uphill trek through the woods, where the troll reveals itself in a carefully chosen location.

Measuring an impressive 30 feet by 7 feet, the giant holds the distinction of being Dambo’s 117th troll sculpture and marks his first artistic footprint in Vermont. The sculpture’s unique name reflects its dual nature.

According to Dambo, Lost Finn not only embodies the spirit of getting lost but also serves as a guide to help visitors find their way — both literally through the woods and metaphorically in their connection with nature, inviting them to engage in a deeper reflection on the relationship between humans and the natural world.

“If you’ve gone confused and grey

They will help you on your way

Follow the birdhouses where the color shines so bright

Up the mountain down the valley dark stormy night”

About Londonderry Vermont

Londonderry, located in Windham County in Southern Vermont, offers a variety of activities for visitors. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, and snowboarding.

Also, the town provides shopping and dining options, along with music and theater for cultural entertainment. The variety of activities makes it a destination for both adventure and leisure, appealing to a range of interests and encouraging repeat visits.

Big Rusty-New Jersey-Dambo
Big Rusty | photo via connorroberts0427

Big Rusty

Hainesport Township New Jersey

Big Rusty is erected at the future site of Creek Turn Park in Hainesport Township. It’s constructed from 100 square meters of rusty metal roofing, plywood, electrical equipment, concrete, and wood — all found at the abandoned Hainesport location.

The statue has a playful design, with cinder block toes and a toothy grin, making it look like a friendly troll. It’s 20 feet tall and sits in a relaxed position against an old building that used to be Creek Turn Ceramic Supply Co.

Big Rusty appears to be eating parts of the building, which is scheduled for demolition. Although its future is unclear, Hainesport’s Mayor Jerry Clouse has expressed support for the sculpture.

To visit Big Rusty, head to the area off Route 38 between the Diamond Diner and Dunleavy’s Restaurant. Look for a driveway next to a bi-level lawyers’ office and ignore the ‘no trespassing’ signs if the gate is open. Drive through, and you’ll soon see Big Rusty next to the abandoned buildings. The sculpture is best viewed in the afternoon for optimal lighting.

“For every piece of trash she eats, she grows so big and thick

So careful to not feed the beast, one day she might grow sick”

About Hainesport Township New Jersey

A lesser-known gem in the United States, Hainesport Township offers a serene and beautiful tourist experience. It houses part of Rancocas State Park, which features over 13 miles of hiking, biking, and equestrian trails, with canoe and fishing access to Rancocas Creek.

Visitors can explore diverse habitats, including hardwood forests and freshwater tidal marshes — ideal for birdwatching and wildlife observation. The Rancocas Nature Center offers guided walks and educational programs too.

Additionally, Hainesport’s Township Park provides recreational facilities like tennis courts, sports fields, and a summer concert series, ensuring a variety of activities for all.

Benny the Beard Fisher-Germfask
Benny the Beard Fisher | photo via Mike W

Benny the Beard Fisher

Germfask Michigan

In Michigan, the term “Troll” endearingly refers to residents of the Lower Peninsula, as coined by “Yoopers” from the Upper Peninsula. However, this playful nickname has taken on a new, literal meaning with the arrival of Benny the Beard Fisher.

This majestic wooden troll sculpture now resides in Germfask, gracefully lounging an impressive 30 feet long by 14 feet high on the shores of the Manistique River.

The creation of Benny involved a blend of local and international efforts. His head, hands, and feet were crafted in Denmark and shipped to Germfask, and the remaining body was assembled on-site in July 2023.

Dambo utilized recycled cedar planks from a nearby Amish lumber mill and branches from the surrounding area, demonstrating his commitment to repurposing discarded materials into art.

“Benny’s beard can reach across the pond and through the river

Long and strong the beard will wrap around you like a twister

Trolls can grow a beard both as a baby, miss, and mister

But any troll will envy that on Benny the Beard Fisher”

About Germfask Michigan

Germfask is a quaint town in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, sitting strategically between Manistique and Newberry. Its unique name is a blend of the initials of its eight founders from 1881 — John Grant, Matthew Edge, George Robinson, Thaddeus Mead, Dr. W. W. French, Ezekiel Ackley, Pscar Shepard, and Hezekiah Knaggs.

With a small population of fewer than 500 residents, Germfask is a gateway to the region’s top tourist destinations. Notably, the Seney National Wildlife Refuge — a serene forest and wetland area — offers stunning sunrises and sunsets and abundant wildlife.

The refuge includes the Stangmoor Bog National Natural Landmark and the Seney Wilderness Area — both renowned for their picturesque landscapes and ecological diversity, making them among the most protected areas in the state.

Victor, Colorado - August 27, 2023: Thomas Dambo's 'Rita, the Rock Planter' sculpture unveiled on the Little Grouse Mountain Overlook
Rita the Rock Planter Little Grouse Mountain Colorado I Photo Credit: Faina Gurevich / Shutterstock

Rita the Rock Planter

Little Grouse Mountain, Victor Colorado

In just 12 days, Dambo, his crew, and a dedicated team of 100 local volunteers completed Rita the Rock Planter near the mid-late 1800s Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Mine. Dambo humorously narrated how Rita, noticing small holes in the mountain left from gold mining, decides to cover them up to prevent accidents. While he doesn’t explicitly state it, Rita’s actions symbolically address the human impact on Earth.

Visitors can find Rita on Little Grouse Mountain, just outside Victor Colorado and just south of Cripple Creek. There are two options for reaching her via the two parking lots — (1) a longer 0.8-mile uphill hike from the lower parking lot, offering panoramic views of the Sangre De Christo Mountain range, and (2) a shorter 0.2-mile downhill hike from the upper parking lot. The Little Grouse Mountain Trail around the area forms a 1.9-mile loop, varying with the terrain.

On the other hand, you can hike to Rita from Victor via the Birdhouse Trail near the Victor Visitor Center and Wallace Park. Just follow the birdhouses.

“A hundred suns is how long a nap takes for the trolls

When Rita woke again, her mountainside was full of holes

The humans must have dug them in their search for shiny rock

But someone could fall in, so Rita went to tidy up”

About Victor & Cripple Creek Colorado

Little Grouse Mountain, renowned for its beautiful wildflowers and vegetation, is located in Victor Colorado near Cripple Creek.

Known as the “City of Gold Mines,” Victor sits at nearly 10,000 feet elevation near Pikes Peak in the Cripple Creek Victor Mining District. A National Historic District and part of the Gold Belt National Scenic Byway, this well-preserved gold mining town offers unique shops, restaurants, hiking trails, museums, and gold mining experiences, just 5 miles from Cripple Creek. Victor’s charm lies in its 1890s mine structures, brick buildings, and absence of modern-day hustle.

Nearby Cripple Creek features casinos, gold mining history, and attractions, while the region’s rich gold mining legacy is still evident today. Once home to a major gold rush, the area offers year-round activities, including gold panning and scenic tours.


Nordic Northwest, Portland Oregon

Ole-Bolle is a remarkable 19 feet tall while kneeling in a wooded area on the Nordic Northwest grounds in Portland, mere minutes from Washington Square Mall. It’s nestled between trees behind Fogelbo — a house on the National Register of Historic Places that’s brimming with Nordic antiques and art.

Named after a poem written by Dambo, the giant is depicted peering into a red house, seemingly in search of a giant cookie jar. Proudly created using 99% recycled and reclaimed wood, the construction of Ole-Bolle was a community effort. It took over 10 days with the help of 60 volunteers, totaling over 500 hours.

The paths to Ole Bolle, less than 0.25 miles from both the upper and lower parking lots, make it easily reachable seven days a week during daylight hours. They are made of fine gravel, while the area surrounding the troll features bark chips and dirt. The paths are designed to be accessible, although they may present some challenges because of the terrain.

“There’s something in the air that something makes my belly rumble

Something smells so strong it hits me almost makes me stumble

Could it be the little people cooking something smelly

In their cooking jar, so I can put them in my belly”

About Nordic Northwest

Nordic Northwest, a nonprofit organization in Portland, focuses on celebrating the cultures of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Founded in 1986 to support Nordic language programs at Portland State University, it has grown to become a central hub for all things Nordic in Oregon and Southwest Washington.

The organization hosts over 150+ cultural events annually at Nordia House — its cultural center, which includes an exhibit hall, a Great Hall for large events, the Swedish cafe Broder Söder, and the Nordic Finn Ware gift shop.

Inspired by Viking ships and rune stones, the center is also home to Fogelbo — a historic log home with one of the largest private collections of Nordic antiques in the U.S. While Fogelbo is a private residence, tours are available several times a year.

Bainbridge Island, WA USA November 8 2023: Huge wooden troll art by Thomas Dambo made with recycled materials called Pia the Peacekeeper in Sakia Park on Bainbridge Island, Washington
Pia the Peace Keeper-Washington I Photo Credit: Melissa Herzog / Shutterstock

Pia the Peace Keeper

Sakai Park, Bainbridge Island Washington

Pia the Peacemaker is an 18-foot-tall troll sculpture that sits majestically in Sakai Park on Bainbridge Island. She’s located along the park loop — a peaceful presence with her hands forming a peace sign, inviting visitors to stand between them for a symbolic “squeeze.”

Made from recycled wood, Pia not only enhances the park’s beauty but also symbolizes the unity and creativity of the Bainbridge Island community. She embodies the community spirit, crafted with the support of individuals, businesses, and local organizations.

While Pia’s head was constructed in Dambo’s studio in Copenhagen and shipped to the island, her body was built on-site at Sakai Park. This collaborative effort involved the Park District, Scouts Troop 1496, Cub Scout Pack 4496, and other dedicated volunteers, all coming together over a seven-day period.

“Pretty pretty please, let’s keep the peace beneath the trees

Hold you in my hand I will remind you with a squeeze

Quiet little people cause your criers make me tired

Pia likes to play with people, people they keep quiet”

About Sakai Park

Acquired in 2015, Sakai Park spans nearly 23 acres — about 9 acres of which are flat upland, while the remaining acrage features a serene pond, stream, and wetland complex. As a result, it offers both active and passive recreational opportunities.

Since it’s located near the Bainbridge Island Aquatic Center and the Sound to Olympics Trail corridor, Sakai Park is well-positioned for a variety of uses. The park is named in honor of the Sakai family — former berry cultivators who were interned during WWII.

Seattle - October 26, 2023; Danish environmental artist Thomas Dambo artwork - Bruun Idun face view with instrument
Bruun Idun Seattle Washington I Photo Credit: Ian Dewar Photography / Shutterstock

Bruun Idun

Lincoln Park, Seattle Washington

The third troll built in the Pacific Northwest series of the “Way of the Bird King” tale, Bruun Idun (pronounced like “Eden”) is located in Lincoln Park in Seattle. She stands among the trees, playing a large flute to call home the native orcas.

Made from recycled and found materials, Idun is part of Dambo’s “Northwest Trolls: Way of the Bird King” fairytale, where the orca holds significant importance. This project involved collaboration with Coyote, who shared Coast Salish history with Dambo in Denmark, painted an orca mural, and helped design Idun’s flute, adorning it with traditional cedar and abalone shells.

“We put these things on the troll to show that we are welcoming it. We are gifting these things to the troll so that we know that it aligns with our messages that we also give to our children, that it’s important to take care of Mother Earth.”

— Coyote (John Halliday)

Visitors can find Idun by parking in the Lincoln Park #2 Parking Lot and following the mostly paved 0.3-mile trail toward Colman Pool. Or, follow the path from the main Lincoln Park lot on Fauntleroy Way Southwest for a 1-mile hike through forest trails. The journey to Idun is an adventure in itself, suitable for walking or using wheels for small children.

“In the night, there was a storm, there at the beach where she was born

And Idun felt a feeling wrong, and so she walked there in the dawn

And in a flute, the magic horn, a tune so passionate and strong

She played for them an orca song to ask them where they all had gone”

About Lincoln Park

Lincoln Park in Seattle is a versatile and scenic area, notable for its bluff on Puget Sound near the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal. The park boasts diverse features, including about 4.5 miles of walking paths, 4 miles of bike trails, five picnic shelters, playfields, and an outdoor heated saltwater pool.

The north play area, renovated in 2016, offers unique attractions — like treehouse elements and interactive bird migration information. There’s inclusive play equipment too, such as a group saucer swing and an area for sensory-sensitive children.

Additionally, the park provides 300 feet of shoreline for launching hand-carry boats, making it an engaging and accessible destination for a variety of recreational activities.

Jakob Two Trees

Issaquah Washington

Standing 14 feet tall, Jakob Two Trees is located approximately 0.25 miles from the Issaquah Community Center down the Rainier Trail. He’s more than just an artistic expression — he tells a story about honoring the land and waterways.

Jakob is unique from the other giants because he’s the first to have a ponytail — held in place by a band made by the Snoqualmie Tribe. Also, Jakob sports a necklace of birdhouses, symbolizing an invitation to forest creatures.

Easily accessible via the paved Rainier Trail, visitors of all ages and abilities can reach Jakob with a short walk or bike ride. You’ll find him situated just past the Dog Park along the trail.

“A thousand circle suns, not old

Time will stretch and loop and fold

So stop, breathe out, breathe in, behold

The trees have sung a story told”

About Issaquah Washington

Issaquah Washington offers diverse experiences suitable for all ages, abilities, and interests, including arts and culture, the Cougar Mountain Zoo, and activities in its historic downtown.

The vibrant Farmers Market attracts thousands of visitors, and the area is ideal for hiking, biking, and exploring local trails. Additionally, Lake Sammamish State Park features lakefront beaches and nature trails, offering a perfect blend of outdoor adventure and family-friendly activities.

Vashon, WA, USA - October 26, 2023; Danish environmental artist Thomas Dambo artwork - Oscar the Bird King
Oscar the Bird King Seattle Washington I Photo Credit: Ian Dewar Photography / Shutterstock

Oscar The Bird King

Point Robinson Park on Vashon Island, Seattle Washington

Situated in Point Robinson Park on Vashon Island, Oscar The Bird King is distinct among his troll counterparts. His transformation into the Bird King is signified by his unique crown of birdhouses made from wood scraps and leftover materials.

Enhanced by local residents’ contributions, Oscar features decorations of driftwood, shells, feathers, and stones. This regal troll sits on a throne surrounded by birdhouse towers on Vashon Island near the Point Robinson Lighthouse overlook — an excellent, scenic spot.

Accessible via the Southworth-Vashon or Point Defiance-Tahlequah ferries, visitors can reach Oscar via a 35-mile drive from Gig Harbor through Southworth or a shorter 22-mile route through Point Defiance and Tahlequah — the complete circular route encompasses 57 miles.

“He swam here from the island, where his momma once had birthed him

He walked a cross the mountains till his giant feet was Hurting

He spoke a crow and little girl, the Orca he heard him sing

He used to be a little troll, now Oscar is The Bird king”

About Point Robinson Park

Vashon Island is a hidden gem with lesser-known attractions, making it less crowded and more enjoyable for visitors. Point Robinson Park is a highlight, offering a unique experience with one of the world’s shortest lighthouses. This distinctive feature provides an unusual and memorable sight, unlike common statues in parks.

Additionally, the park offers the chance to rent the Keeper’s Quarters, with Quarters B being the preferred choice because of its historical amenities.

Visitors can also enjoy views of Mount Rainier, flowers, driftwood, crabs, sailboats, container ships, and even a cell tower, which despite being out of place, offers practical benefits in emergencies. This blend of natural beauty and quirky features makes Point Robinson Park a must-visit spot on Vashon Island.

Ballard, WA USA October 22 2023: giant wooden troll art figure sculpture Frankie Feetsplinters in Ballard, Washington at the Nordic Museum by Thomas Dambo
Frankie Feetsplinter Washington I Photo Credit: Melissa Herzog / Shutterstock

Frankie Feetsplinter

National Nordic Museum, Seattle Washington

Frankie Feetsplinter, the youngest and angriest of the Pacific Northwest trolls, is the final addition to “The Way of the Bird King” project. Unlike his counterparts who are situated in forests and beaches, he resides in an urban environment at the National Nordic Museum in Ballard Seattle.

While Frankie’s residence reflects his Nordic heritage, it also “makes him very angry!” You can see him expressing his feelings by stomping on a wooden bench, creating a striking presence outside the museum.

You can easily access Frankie via sidewalks and bike lanes because he stands near the museum entrance, allowing both museum visitors and passersby to view his imposing stature.

“Frankie don’t like slimy fish, cause fishes are all so dumb

And Frankie don’t like little humans, humans are so dumb

Frankie don’t even like trolls, cause trolls are also dumb

But Frankie’s mouth’s the only one that says the word of dumb”

About the National Nordic Museum

The National Nordic Museum in Seattle serves as a gateway to Nordic history and contemporary culture. Founded in 1979, it’s the only U.S. institution presenting the history and culture of the entire Nordic region, including the Nordic countries and indigenous communities.

Located in an iconic building on Seattle’s waterfront, the museum celebrates Nordic life, values, and innovations, tracing themes like nature connection, sustainability, and social justice. It acknowledges the impact of colonialism on indigenous peoples, promoting respectful partnerships.

Additionally, the museum explores Viking culture, myths, and sagas, as well as showcases modern Nordic living, symbolizing the legacy of Nordic immigrants in the Northwest.

Save the Humans Trolls

South Coast Botanic Garden, Palos Verdes California

Thomas Dambo’s “TROLLS: Save the Humans” is happening at the South Coast Botanic Garden, featuring six giant troll sculptures.

These trolls are part of a narrative where they convene at the “Trolliefolkyfest” to discuss human activities that harm the planet, like deforestation and river depletion. While most trolls doubt human redemption, these six believe they can help.

This traveling exhibition aims to reconnect humans with nature and encourage environmental stewardship. The story, part of the “Trail of a Thousand Trolls” fairytale, continues from Dambo’s book “Trail of a 1000 Trolls – The Trolliefolkyfest.”

BONUS: The Save the Humans exhibition includes trolls-themed classes that teach harmony with nature, available for an additional fee with advance registration.

Basse Buller-California-Dambo
Basse Buller | photo via moonchild_mtn3

Basse Buller

A lively and spirited troll, Basse Buller passionately spreads his message using mud paint on any surface he finds. He’s a wild child who finds tranquility in painting, expressing himself with symbols and shapes inspired by nature.

Utilizing stones, leaves, and sticks as tools, Basse communicates through signs, words, and rhythms, pushing boundaries and making his presence unmistakably known. With humor and a boisterous nature, he leaves his muddy marks everywhere, aiming to guide humans onto the right path.

Ibbi Pip-California-Dambo
Ibbi Pip | photo via tmosssassy

Ibbi Pip

Ibbi Pip is a helpful and optimistic troll who is a friend to animals and communicates with humans through colorful birdhouses. She believes there’s hope for humanity — observing that birdhouses bring birds closer to people and hoping this might awaken human compassion for nature. Ibbi installs birdhouses everywhere, aiming to inspire humans to be more considerate of their co-inhabitants of the world.

Kamma Can-California
Kamma Can | photo via tmosssassy

Kamma Can

A creative troll, Kamma Can sees potential in what humans discard as trash. She’s fascinated by the increase in colorful, durable materials, finding beauty in them and questioning why humans dispose of them carelessly.

Kamma aims to educate humans on reusing materials instead of throwing them away. Her creativity shines through in the stunning necklaces she crafted for herself and her best friend, Ronja Redeye, demonstrating the artistry possible with recycled materials.

Ronja Redeye-California-Dambo
Ronja Redeye | photo via tmosssassy

Ronja Redeye

Ronja Redeye, the smallest yet mighty-voiced member of a group aiming to save humans, excels in communication. A natural leader, she bridges the gap between trolls and humans by translating the troll alphabet into human ABCs.

Words resonate with Ronja, inspiring her to craft them into poems, songs, tales, or joyful roars through the forest. She speaks honestly but with compassion, recognizing the power of words to bring joy or sadness. For Ronja, the misuse of hurtful words that hinder friendship is the only thing that can provoke her otherwise calm demeanor.

Rosa Sunfinger

A gentle and introverted troll, Rosa Sunfinger devotes herself to nurturing plants and green life with her life-giving fingers. Known for her soft, sunny smile and a face reflecting her kind personality, she isn’t hesitant to speak up (though quietly) when necessary, choosing her words thoughtfully.

Rosa primarily expresses herself through plants, revitalizing areas that humans have neglected. Her wisdom manifests in how she uses her sunny fingertips to rejuvenate seemingly useless spaces with plants, aiming to restore joy and beauty with the growth of flowers, which brings her happiness.

Sofus Lotus | photo via tmosssassy

Sofus Lofus

Sofus Lofus is an introverted and observant troll and is highly attuned to his surroundings, using his keen hearing to detect every subtle sound in nature. He perceives time through the changing light and shadows around him.

Sofus was the first to notice the troubling changes in the natural world, indicating a disruption in nature’s rhythm. Rather than causing a stir, he quietly listens and remains mindful of the environment and its inhabitants, embodying a deep connection with nature.

About the South Coast Botanic Garden

The South Coast Botanic Garden, known as “The Jewel of the Peninsula,” is situated on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. This 87-acre garden, easily reachable by various South Bay communities, hosts over 2,500 plant species from regions like Australia, the Mediterranean, and Southern Africa.

Located in one of the world’s best growing areas, it features over 100 rare trees and shrubs, attracting an abundance of wildlife and over 200 bird species annually. Key attractions include thematic gardens, a concession station, a picnic area, and event spaces — like the Upper Meadow and Frances Young Auditorium.

Mama Mimi

R Park, Wilson Wyoming

As the eightieth troll sculpture by Dambo, Mama Mimi is an interactive piece located in R Park (Rendezvous Park). First conceived during Dambo’s 2019 visit to Jackson Hole, the sculpture is thoughtfully placed to avoid ecological disruption.

Overlooking a pond with a leg resting on a small island, Mama Mimi enhances the park, serving as a guardian and symbolizing the transformation of spaces — like the former gravel pit into beautiful community areas.

This project was a collaboration between Jackson Hole Public Art and the Jackson Hole Land Trust, emphasizing the importance of environmental protection and community effort in creating such spaces.

About R Park

Teton County’s first nonprofit-run park, R Park is a transformed gravel pit now offering a vibrant community space. The 40 acres is adjacent to a wildlife reserve, showcasing the area’s ecological richness and hydrological history. It’s a place for kids to fish, bird-watch, and interact with installations like Mama Mimi.

The family-friendly environment at R Park includes walking paths, a beach, a pond, and clean restrooms, blending nature, art, and recreation for a fulfilling experience. Hosting various events annually, it’s easily accessible via community pathways and the START bus line, offering bike parking and designated car spaces.

Isak Heartstone

Breckenridge Colorado

Sitting at 15 feet tall, Isak Heartstone was constructed as part of the Breckenridge International Festival of Arts. Dambo named him after three young girls gave the giant a stone heart, which was installed in the troll.

As a temporary installation in Breckenridge Colorado, he gained immense popularity, leading to overcrowding in the residential area. After being dismantled in August 2018 due to neighborhood concerns, Isak was reconstructed in May 2019 on the new, more sustainable Trollstigen Trail behind the Stephen C. West Ice Arena, next to Illinois Gulch Trailhead. A ceremonial placement of the stone heart was held with the same local girls who gifted the stone the year before.

Visitors are encouraged to walk, bike, or use public transportation because there’s no parking near Isak. Also, you should follow “leave no trace” practices to preserve Isak’s home and the historic charm of Breckenridge.

NOTE: Isak is part of the “While the Weather Got Better” story by Dambo.

About Breckenridge Colorado

Known for its historic Main Street and legendary skiing, Breckenridge offers a diverse range of activities for all seasons, catering to outdoor enthusiasts, foodies, and cultural aficionados alike. The town boasts a lively après scene, culinary adventures, nightlife, and cultural experiences. Outdoor activities include Gold Medal fly-fishing, mountain biking, and hiking.

Breckenridge is family-friendly with activities for all ages and famous events — like the International Snow Sculpture Championships and Oktoberfest. The emerging food scene offers farm-to-table dishes and local craft beverages. Whether it’s winter sports or summer river adventures, Breckenridge provides year-round excitement and is ideal for visitors with varied interests.

Malin’s Fountain

Pease Park, Austin Texas

Malin’s Fountain, an 18-foot sculpture, resides in Pease Park in Austin Texas. Opened to the public on March 15, 2024, this 129th Dambo creation was designed from over 80% recycled materials.

Celebrated for integrating environmental messages, Malin embodies a fusion of art and conservation, encouraging a closer bond between humans, animals, and nature. The sculpture is a unique addition to Texas, nestled among the trees on the park trail near the Pease Park Treehouse.

Whether you take public transportation, bike, or walk to Pease Park, you’ll see signs posted in the area that lead you to Malin’s resting place. While she’s expected to be around for about 15 years (as long as the materials last), we don’t know how anyone can delay visiting.

The Materials

To detail, Malin’s internal framework utilizes untreated dimensional lumber for durability and safety, specifically 1,800 linear feet of Eastern Red Cedar sourced from Bastrop County’s Wampler sawmill, a business with a 61-year legacy.

The troll’s outer skin is crafted from wood salvaged from a Douglas fir research test tank at the J.J. Pickle Research Campus of UT Austin, totaling about 7,500 linear feet. It was provided by the Naval Sea Systems Command and used for various tests from 1976 to 1979 before being decommissioned in 2021.

Malin’s feet were fashioned in Denmark from reused materials, while her hair is made from Ashe juniper roots contributed by a local enthusiast and branches from trees downed in an ice storm. Also, she wears multiple necklaces of assorted found and donated objects. Nearby seating is repurposed from “Baby,” a cherished but fallen pecan tree from Govalle.

About Pease Park

Pease Park was the first public park opened in Austin Texas and boasts breathtaking limestone bluffs, serene shaded trails, and a vibrant cultural history, embodying the city’s spirit. The Pease Park Conservancy is dedicated to preserving this 84-acre green haven, ensuring that its diverse ecology and history remain accessible for future generations.

As a central outdoor retreat, the park offers diverse experiences — Kingsbury Commons for community activities and play, tranquil nature exploration along Shoal Creek, and a dog-friendly off-leash area in Gaston Green north of 24th Street.

Enhancing your visit, Pease Park features food and drink options — Mariachi’s tasty offerings, Brother Friend’s energizing beverages, and refreshing treats from SnoRide’s SnoBox — making it easy to enjoy longer stays in this urban oasis.

Fairborn, Ohio USA - Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm: A display of giant wooden troll statues graces the trails at Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm.
Bibbi Aullwood Audubon Ohio I Photo Credit: Cucumber Key Photography / Shutterstock

The Troll That Hatched an Egg

Aullwood Audubon, Dayton Ohio

In the Aullwood Audubon, Dambo’s trolls Bibbi, Bodil, and Bo — and their troll-sized bird nest — reside in a 200-acre nature sanctuary featuring 8 miles of trails. The exhibition, “The Troll That Hatched an Egg,” focuses on birds, flight, and habitat preservation, intertwining with Dayton’s aviation history and inspiring an appreciation for nature and bird conservation.

The trolls, designed as a whimsical addition to the sanctuary, require a hike through various trails to be seen, with the journey taking seven to 20 minutes depending on each one’s location. The exhibition is a tribute to the importance of ecosystems and conservation, seeing the trolls as symbolic protectors of birds.

“The Troll That Hatched an Egg” is a permanent exhibit at Aullwood Audubon — accessible with admission or membership — and aims to reconnect visitors with the natural world and the outdoors.

About Aullwood Audubon

Located in Western Ohio, Aullwood Audubon in Dayton Ohio features two main sites — Aullwood Nature Center and Aullwood Farm — linked by 8 miles of walking trails across a 200-acre sanctuary. This environmental education center is part of the National Audubon Society and offers hands-on learning experiences in nature and sustainable agriculture.

Aullwood’s Nature Store and Gift Shop sells a variety of nature-related items (like birdhouses and bird feeders), educational games and toys, books, and local farm products (all-natural eggs, grass-fed beef, local dairy products, and sustainably raised pork), with proceeds supporting the sanctuary’s programs.

Bernheim Forrest, Kentucky/USA Wooden Giants Exhibit at Bernheim Forrest 9/28/2019
Mama Loumari Bernheim Forrest, Kentucky I Photo Credit: Travis J. Camp / Shutterstock

Bernheim Forest Giants

Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest, Clermont Kentucky

In the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest in Clermont, Dambo has installed three giant troll sculptures — Mama Loumari and three her children, son Little Nis, daughter Little Elina, and the developing baby in her tummy. You can reach the trolls via a 2-mile pathway.

Visitors are encouraged to read Dambo’s fairytale about Isak Heartstone before embarking on the journey to the trolls. It gives insight into his relationship to Loumari and her kids.

NOTE: The Bernheim Forest Giants were crafted from recycled regional wood for Bernheim’s 90th anniversary, adding intrigue to the arboretum and research forest.

About the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest

Spanning 16,140 acres in Kentucky and founded by Isaac W. Bernheim in 1929, the Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest is a nature haven attracting over 500,000 yearly visitors. It offers diverse outdoor activities — hiking, fishing in Lake Nevin, public art appreciation, and relaxing amidst nature.

Key attractions include the LEED® platinum Visitor Center, Canopy Tree Walk, a historic fire tower, Playcosystem, Edible Garden, and art displays. The on-site Isaac’s Café serves fresh meals, while the Visitor Center and Gift Shop provide information and unique souvenirs.

Also, Bernheim hosts four major annual festivals, including BugFest and ColorFest, promoting engagement with nature and community.

Leo The Enlightened

Blackberry Mountain, Walland Tennessee

Leo the Enlightened, a 20-foot tall meditating troll, is perched in the Smoky Mountains on Blackberry Mountain, a resort in Walland Tennessee. This peaceful giant, built from local scrap wood and recycled materials like barn cladding and old pallets, blends harmoniously with nature, emphasizing conservation on the 5,200-acre resort property.

Adorned with a necklace made from local tree nuts and a beard of bark, Leo is designed to encourage resort guests to explore the outdoors. Unlike Dambo’s other troll sculptures worldwide, Leo is exclusive to registered guests of the resort and isn’t publicly accessible.

This secluded artwork requires a telescope or good lens to be seen from afar and has captivated both local and distant admirers with its striking presence, generating intrigue and drawing attention to the resort’s commitment to nature and conservation.

About Blackberry Mountain

In 2019, the Beall family — known for their acclaimed Blackberry Farm — opened Blackberry Mountain, a 5,200-acre property in the Great Smoky Mountains. With a commitment to elevated hospitality and land conservation, 2,800 acres are dedicated to preserving the natural beauty of Miller’s Cove in Walland.

Blackberry Mountain offers a blend of adventure and comfort with facilities and activities focused on sustainability, wellness, culinary experiences, and outdoor adventures. Guests can stay in various accommodations, including stone cottages and treehouses, and enjoy activities like fitness, yoga, wine tasting, hiking, biking, and creating art.

Zack The Shaman

Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park & Campground, Live Oak Florida

Part of Dambo’s exhibition at the Halloween music festival — Hulaween — in Suwannee Music Park, Zach The Shaman is a temporary installation that creates a festive atmosphere during the event. Outside of the event, Zach travels the globe. Other past exhibits by Dambo at Hulaween include:

  • Snorra Of Suwannee, a giant recycled monster designed to appear as if emerging from a lake
  • Runes Tree, a troll-like sculpture stabbed by a tree
  • Sly the Spy, a spider creature with a built-in hangout space

These installations, made primarily from local scrap wood and pallets, were so well-received that some, like Snorra and Runes Tree, remained at the park after the festival before being dismantled. Each piece brings a unique, interactive experience to the festival, blending art with function.

About the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park & Campground

The Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park & Campground is a vast resort spanning over 800 acres along the historic Suwannee River, offering a blend of natural beauty and modern amenities. It features primitive and upgraded camping options, including cabins, RV sites, tent sites, treehouses, and a bunkhouse.

The park is known for its world-renowned music venue with a natural amphitheater, hosting major music festivals. Activities and amenities include a country store, the country’s largest bat house, bicycling, a museum, bird sanctuary, canoeing, disc golf, fishing, a game room, geocaching, golf cart rentals, hiking, horse trails, and a cafe and restaurant.

In addition, guests can enjoy swimming in the Suwannee River, making the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park & Campground a comprehensive destination for outdoor and music enthusiasts.

Joen And The Giant Beetle-Florida
Joen And The Giant Beetle | photo via eltalandru

Joen And The Giant Beetle

Wynwood, Miami Florida

During Miami Art Week in 2019, a giant sculpture named Joen mysteriously appeared on 5th Street in Wynwood, away from the city’s hubbub.

Created by Dambo for the art fair, Joen is crafted from recycled wood chips and depicts a playful giant sitting with legs wide apart, one arm resting on an overturned car, and peering through a tire as if it were a spyglass.

The sculpture reflects Joen’s fascination with cars and symbolizes the enormous amount of waste generated by humans.

“Joen looked at the little people

Sitting in the giant beetle

Always waiting in a line

Spending all their days and time

Joen had seen the giant beetle

Eat and kill the little people

But still, it seemed they loved it so

So much they wouldn’t let it go”

About Wynwood Miami

Wynwood is a vibrant district in Greater Miami and is celebrated for its colorful murals and dynamic urban culture. Home to Wynwood Walls, an outdoor museum featuring large-scale works by renowned street artists, the area is a hub for artistic expression.

Formerly a warehouse district, the neighborhood now boasts an array of craft breweries, chic art galleries, trendy boutiques, stylish bistros, and lively bars, attracting a hip young crowd. Wynwood also houses the Museum of Graffiti — the first of its kind, exploring the history of graffiti art.

The district’s transformation into a cultural hotspot is evident in its eclectic restaurants, bars, and shops, alongside its international contemporary art scene. Visitors can enjoy the neighborhood’s unique energy and style with opportunities to experience street art, galleries, and Instagram-worthy murals.

BOOTHBAY, US - Aug 20, 2021: A wooden troll sculpture at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay Dambo
Lilja Maine I Photo Credit: Wirestock Creators / Shutterstock

Guardians of the Seeds

Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens, Boothbay Maine

In the natural woodlands of the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens near Boothbay Harbor, five giant, friendly trolls convey an important environmental message through the interactive “Guardians of the Seeds” experience, urging visitors to reconnect with Earth.

The key messages include the importance of saving seeds and planting trees to preserve biodiversity and maintain ecological balance. With the Earth experiencing significant biodiversity loss and the sixth mass extinction, reducing consumption, reusing, and recycling are crucial.

Also, the initiative emphasizes the value of spending time in nature, learning about local flora and fauna, and sharing this knowledge. By understanding and appreciating nature, we can become better stewards of the environment and contribute to its preservation.


Standing for the trunks, the remarkable troll Roskva is known for being the heaviest, hardest, and strongest of her kind. She grows continuously, reaching higher into the sky each year, both in height and width.

Besides her physical strength, Roskva possesses a remarkable memory, counting the seasons and remembering everything that occurs in her surroundings, making her a reliable source for other trolls to recall forgotten information.


Lilja is the youngest of the trolls and emerged from her hiding place last summer. As a child, she is particularly fond of the vibrant colors and fragrances of flowers, and enjoys watching bees and butterflies flitting among the branches.


The wisest and most enigmatic of the trolls, Birk is deeply connected to nature, often hidden in shadows and attuned to the whispers of the soil. He is knowledgeable about all happenings in the wild and shares his wisdom through daily storytelling to the creatures of the forest.

Boothbay, Maine - July 12,2023 : Famous Giant Wooden Trolls at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, Maine USA DAmbo
Søren Maine I Photo Credit: Lissandra Melo / Shutterstock


Søren is a curious troll, constantly looking upward and eager to explore higher places, representing tree branches. He fantasizes about floating on a cloud in the sky and enjoys dancing when the wind blows.


As the wandering troll, Gro leaves the forest every fall and returns each spring. Upon her return, she ensures that all her forest friends are well-fed. Collecting sunbeams and raindrops, she prepares a feast to nourish the forest.

About the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

Opened in 2007, the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens has become one of Maine’s top attractions and a prominent botanical destination in the U.S. It was established through the dedication of its founders and volunteers, serving as an inspiring educational resource for natural history, habitats, botany, and ecology.

Spanning over 300 acres, it features 17 gardens with native Maine plants and is the largest botanical garden in New England. Attracting over 200,000 visitors annually from all over the world, it offers a rich, natural landscape with nearly 1 mile of tidal saltwater frontage. In particular, thousands of people attend the Gardens Aglow event every year during the holidays.

Boothbay, Maine - July 12,2023 : Famous Giant Wooden Trolls at Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens in Boothbay, Maine USA Dambo
Gro Maine I Photo Credit: Lissandra Melo / Shutterstock

FAQs About the US Trolls

What are Thomas Dambo’s trolls?

Thomas Dambo’s trolls are large-scale sculptures made primarily from recycled wood and materials, scattered across various locations in the U.S. as part of a unique art installation.

Where can I find these troll sculptures?

The trolls are located in different parts of the U.S., often in natural settings like forests, parks, and botanical gardens. Our guide provides the most complete & easy-to-use map of the Dambo Trolls in the US.

What is the purpose of these troll sculptures?

Dambo’s trolls aim to promote sustainability and environmental consciousness, encouraging visitors to appreciate and preserve natural landscapes.

Are the troll sculptures permanent installations?

Some trolls are permanent, while others are temporary installations, depending on the project and location.

Is there an admission fee to see the trolls?

This varies by location. Some trolls are in public spaces with free access, while others are in controlled areas like botanical gardens or parks that may require an admission fee.

How big are the troll sculptures?

The trolls are typically several meters tall, often large enough for visitors to interact with or even climb on, depending on the sculpture’s design and location.

Can children interact with the troll sculptures?

Yes, children can interact with most of the troll sculptures, but adult supervision is recommended for safety. Please do not climb on the trolls.

How long does it take to create one troll sculpture?

The creation time varies but can take several days to weeks, involving intricate handiwork and detailed assembly by Dambo and his team.

How many Thomas Dambo trolls are in the US?

At the end of 2023, there were 32 Thomas Dambo trolls in the US, located from coast to coast.

Plan Your Tour of the Thomas Dambo Trolls in the U.S.

As you journey through the enchanting realms of the Thomas Dambo trolls, you will gain a profound appreciation for the intersection of art, nature, and sustainability. These gentle giants, nestled in various corners of the United States, do more than just adorn the landscapes — they invite us to pause, reflect, and reconnect with our surroundings.

Dambo’s artistic vision extends beyond mere aesthetics, leaving a lasting impact on our hearts and minds, urging us to become guardians of the natural world in our daily lives. So, the next time you venture into the great outdoors, plan an excursion to see some of these hidden guardians.