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Follow the Yellow Brick Road All the Way to the Wonderful Land of Oz in Wamego Kansas

Put on your ruby slippers, gather your friends, watch out for lions, tigers, and bears, and make your way to the Land of Oz — or in this case Wamego Kansas.

In this central Kansas town, you can follow the Yellow Brick Road to a land of Wizard of Oz-themed attractions, including a museum and local eateries.

You won’t be able to say you’re not in Kansas anymore, but visitors of all ages can enjoy this small Midwest town that celebrates a beloved book series, a timeless classic of a movie, and unforgettable characters.

Oz Museum-Kansas
Oz Museum | photo via joethefaker

Visiting the Oz Museum

The Oz Museum — located at 511 Road to Oz Highway in Wamego — is a must-see shrine for fans of L. Frank Baum’s books and the classic movie with more than 2,000 artifacts. It opened in 2003, thanks to support from Oz aficionados, local support, and a desire to boost tourism.

Wamego, a town of about 5,000 residents, was chosen as the location for the museum because Dorthy Gale, the main character in the Oz series, is from Kansas.

DID YOU KNOW: The Oz Museum is pet-friendly and visitors can bring their furry friends. During tours, pet owners are asked to carry their pets — to avoid them getting captured by flying monkeys of course!

Oz Museum-Kansas
Oz Museum | photo via joethefaker

Around every corner, visitors’ eyes will widen as they see one impressive exhibit after another. All told, the museum showcases more than 100 years of Oz history — from the books and the 1939 movie to silent films and The Wiz.

DID YOU KNOW: Midwest travelers looking for more Oz-related attractions can visit the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, which features a pair of ruby slippers she wore as Dorothy Gale in the 1939 film.

Ionia Michigan has held an annual Wizard of Oz Festival each fall and hopes to usher in the festival’s return in 2024.

Oz Museum-Kansas
Oz Museum | photo via daveturcotteperso

An Impressive Collection of Exhibits

At the Oz Museum, visitors young and old can stroll down the yellow brick road to the wonderland Land of Oz.

The museum’s incredible exhibits include hand-jeweled ruby slippers covered in Swarovski crystals, illustrated pages from the first edition of “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” from 1900, hand-painted character masks, movie memorabilia such as posters and autographs, production notes from the 1939 film, a theater that plays the film, and more.

This was a fun stop. I grew up watching The Wizard of Oz and never knew there was an entire book series. This museum was full of all kinds of neat and exciting items. Getting to read about the stories of the author, actors, and history was fun. I took a service dog with me, and the staff was great. A simple question about him and we were “off to see the wizard!” I lived in Kansas for 12 years and never visited Wamego, and that was a shame. Come check this place out and enjoy the history and magic of your childhood once again.

 – AJ via. Google

Make sure to visit the museum gift shop, where visitors can find trinkets dedicated to their favorite Oz characters, books, apparel, drinkware, and more.

Oz Museum-Kansas
Oz Museum | photo via natashalee_travel

Following the Yellow Brick Road

On the way to the museum, visitors can walk, skip, and sing their way down the Yellow Brick Road. Make sure to stop at the entrance for a photo op. Along the two-block journey, travelers will see colorful murals of scenes from the book, including the Emerald City, Dorothy meeting the Scarecrow, and the infamous tornado.

An Emerald City Playground lies at the end of the Yellow Brick Road — a perfect place for kiddos to burn off some energy before visiting the museums. Munchkins can explore three main areas of the playground and enjoy a picnic lunch.

Totos Around Town

One of the surest (and most fun signs) of Wamego’s devotion to all things Oz is Totos Around Town. Along city streets, visitors can find different statues of Dorothy’s beloved dog Toto. These statues, painted by local artists, showcase creativity and add another fun touch to this Oz-crazy community.

More than a dozen Totos can be found around town with statues painted to celebrate themes such as Kansas’ place as the Sunflower State, patriotism, and different aspects of the Wizard of Oz universe.

Oz Museum-Kansas
Oz Museum | photo via daveturcotteperso

An Annual Celebration of Oz

Each October, the streets of Wamego come alive for OZtoberfest — a Wizard of Oz-inspired take on Oktoberfest. Fans of the books, theater productions, and movies can dress up like their favorite Oz character and compete for Best Dressed prizes in a costume contest. Visitors can also bring their pooches for a Toto Look-a-Like contest on the Emerald City Stage.

At the historic Columbian Theatre, festivalgoers can enjoy live music performances, Oz-themed presentations, an auction, and watching the Wicked Witch throw fireballs from the balcony.

Other festival activities include a Wizard’s Wine and Beer Garden, photo ops with beloved characters from Oz, carriage rides (with horses of a different color, of course), inflatables, face paintings, food trucks, and craft vendors.

Oz Winery-Kansas
Oz Winery | photo via karengrace_is_a_knitwit

Visiting More of the “Oz Cluster”

In addition to the Yellow Brick Road and the Oz Museum, visitors can soak up local flavor at Oz-themed businesses in town…

Oz Winery

The Oz Winery is located on the official “Road to Oz” (known locally as Highway 99 and Lincoln Avenue). The winery has a tasting room where wine enthusiasts can sample award-winning wines like “Emerald City Lights,” “Em’s Prairie Rose,” and “Squished Witch.”

Toto’s TacOz

After you’ve explored the Oz Museum, visit Toto’s TacOz for a delicious mix of Cal-Mex food on the Yellow Brick Road. Visitors can enjoy homemade guacamole, pico de Gallo, and a menu of tasty options that include Uncle Henry’s and Auntie Em’s nachos, Hunk’s Burrito, Emerald City Street Tacos, and Dorothy’s Quesadilla.

Journey to the Wonderful Land of Oz in Kansas

No matter if you’ve seen The Wizard of Oz a thousand times, a trip to the wonderful Land of Oz in Wamego Kansas is one that travelers young and old will enjoy.

You don’t have to wonder if you’re in Kansas anymore — because you obviously will be — as you spend time following the Yellow Brick Road, marveling at memorabilia inside the Oz Museum, and searching out all of the colorful Totos Around Town.

Come discover this unique Midwest town and take an unforgettable journey to the wonderful and whimsical Land of Oz, where every visitor can feel like a kid again.