Casey Illinois
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Discover Casey Illinois, the Small Midwest Town with BIG Attractions

Casey may be a small town in Illinois — but it has a BIG claim to fame as home to some of the world’s largest attractions. From towering structures to colossal objects, this charming town has become a must-visit destination for those seeking out the extraordinary.

Discover the passion and dedication of the local artisans and visionaries who brought these incredible attractions to life, and explore their impact on this tight-knit community. These larger-than-life landmarks capture the imagination of visitors of all ages and make Casey a true Midwest gem.

World's Largest Mailbox-Casey, Illinois
World’s Largest Mailbox | photo via lilyperkins23

Getting to Know Casey Illinois

Casey (pronounced kay-zee), the “Small Town with a Big Heart” sits just over three hours from Chicago in East Central Illinois. It has a population of around 2,400 people and sits mostly in Clark County, but a small part extends into Cumberland County.

The town is named after Zadoc Casey, a former Illinois politician who served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1833-1843. The Illinois town of Caseyville in Southwest Illinois is also named for him.

Casey became the small town with the world’s largest attractions thanks to the efforts of business owner Jim Bolin. He was born and raised in Casey and wanted to give something back to the community.

All but two of the gargantuan attractions — which are open 24/7 — were constructed by Bolin and his company, Bolin Enterprises, Inc.

Bolin’s first creation — a wind chime that’s over 50 feet tall — was unveiled in 2011 and the list has grown to include almost two dozen massive attractions.

World's Largest Wind Chime-Casey, Illinois
World’s Largest Wind Chime | photo via bigredmachinefan

Massive Attractions in Casey Illinois

Grab your camera, keep your eyes peeled, and get ready to marvel at a dozen “World’s Largest” attractions in Casey, which include…

The World’s Largest Wind Chime

Located at 107 E. Main Street, this was Casey’s first attempt at a world record.

The 54-foot framework for the chime was assembled in November 2011 and chimes were added in December 2011. The longest chime on the piece is 42 feet. It features braces with Christian symbols as a reminder of the importance of faith.

The World’s Largest Golf Tee

Located at 203 North East Street, this piece was suggested as an addition to increase interest in Casey’s golf course. The tee stands 30 feet tall and weighs over 6,600 pounds. Work began on the tree in 2012 and claimed world record status in 2013.

The World’s Largest Key

Located at 4 West Alabama, this towering key is a replica of the key for Jim Bolin’s work truck. It stands more than 28 feet tall and over 11 feet wide. It sits at a vintage auto shop in town and features a Chevy logo at its base.

World's Largest Key-Casey, Illinois
World’s Largest Key | photo via ear81

The World’s Largest Gavel

Located at 501 Archer Ave in Marshall, Illinois, this giant gavel was created by Jim Bolin to help promote tourism in Marshall, about 20 minutes away. The gavel is 5 feet high and 16 feet, 8 inches in length. 

The World’s Largest Mailbox

Located at 19 W. Main Street, this mailbox really works and residents and visitors alike can climb a flight of stairs to mail letters. The mailbox, which measures 5,743.41 cubic feet, even has a flag that goes up when letters and postcards are mailed.

The World’s Largest Golf Driver

Located at 4 South Central Avenue, golf enthusiasts will love this gigantic driver, which stands 45 feet tall and weighs 731 pounds. The driver is made of an old aluminum light pole and persimmon wood and pairs perfectly with the World’s Largest Golf Tee, just over a mile away.

World's Largest Barbershop Pole-Casey, Illinois
World’s Largest Barbershop Pole | photo via barbercommunityph

The World’s Largest Barbershop Pole

Located at 12 W. Main Street, this 14-foot-tall barbershop pole holds a special place in the heart of Casey residents. The shop at the pole’s location has been a local hair hotspot for years and the pole helps draw attention to this iconic local institution.

The World’s Largest Rocking Chair

Located at 117 East Street, this is one of Bolin’s most challenging attractions to complete. It stands 56 feet tall and weighs over 46,000 pounds. The chair claimed its world record in 2015 after 10 men helped the chair rock — after all, it is a rocking chair.

The World’s Largest Teeter Totter

Located at 111 East Main, this fun attraction is 82 feet long and can be ridden by residents and visitors alike during the tourism season. Like the World’s Largest Mailbox and Wind Chime, the functionality offers a new way to enjoy this awesome creation.

The World’s Largest Pitchfork

Located at 607 NE 13th Street, this massive pitchfork features a cedar handle and repurposed metal for the fork, measuring 60 feet long and weighing nearly 2,000 pounds. Work began on it in 2014 and it received the title of world’s largest in 2015.

The World’s Largest Wooden Shoes

Located at 20 West General Robey, these massive shoes are almost five feet tall and over 11 feet long and housed inside a historic building. The shoes — each of which weighs 2,500 pounds — got a world record in 2015 and it’s said that 15 people can stand inside one shoe.

World’s Largest Swizzle Spoon

Located at 111 S. Central Ave, this towering swizzle (cocktail) spoon leans against Brownie’s Place and stands 11 feet, 8.5 inches tall. It makes for a fun photo outdoor photo op for those exploring Casey’s many attractions.

Discover More BIG Things in Casey

The fun doesn’t stop at the “World’s Largest” attractions in Casey. The town is also home to many “big” attractions, some of which were former world records, and include…

  • The Big Pencil: The pencil — located at 8 West Main Street — is a super-sized replica of everyone’s favorite school writing tool.
  • The Big Yardstick: The yardstick measures 32 feet long and is located at 3 East Main Street.
  • The Wooden Token: Visitors entering Casey from I-70 will see the wooden token first — located at 936 North Route 49. It weighs more than 3,000 pounds and has a radius of 13 feet.
  • The Big Taco: Created in 2021, this behemoth taco measures 16 feet long by 7.5 feet wide and weighs over 3,000 pounds. It’s located at 25 NorthWest 1st in Casey.
  • The Big Piggybank: Situated outside the Hometown Butcher Shop, this massive piggybank weighs 450 pounds. It’s located at 108 E. Main St. in Casey.
  • The Spinning Top: This top in front of Deborah’s Attic at 18 South Central Ave actually spins and is a favorite of visitors of all ages.
  • The Pokeball: This gigantic five-foot-wide Pokeball can be found inside Model Tees at 8 W Main St. and is great for a photo op.
  • The Minion: The Minion, located at 13 W General Robey, stands seven feet tall.
  • The Mousetrap: Visitors can slip behind the main bar of this massive trap for a cool photo op at 4 South Central.
  • The Big Rocking Horse: The rocking horse — located at 9 East Main St. at Rock Hound Rocks — is a true work of art. It’s fully functioning, but visitors aren’t allowed to ride.
  • The Big Anvil: The anvil weighs more than 5,500 pounds and can be found in neighboring Martinsville, Illinois at 14 N. Mill St.
  • The Big Horseshoe: Martinsville is also home to Dale Baird, the winningest thoroughbred horse trainer, and visitors can find a gigantic horseshoe at 620 South York Street which was once the world’s largest.
  • The Bookworm: A visit to Casey’s public library at 307 East Main Street offers a chance to see a friendly green bookworm.
  • The Big Puzzle: The puzzle — at 101 North Central Ave — is a replica of a bent nail puzzle and features a heart at its center.
  • The Big Cactus: That’s right, a gigantic cactus in Illinois. Jim Bolin was inspired by a cactus made of pipes and created this marvel at 9 East Main St.
  • The Big Ear of Corn: This was one of Jim Bolin’s first gigantic Casey creations and was crafted with a chainsaw to be displayed at 2 East Main St.
  • The WW: This gigantic attraction was created by carpenter Dan Smith and hangs on the ceiling of the Whitling Whimsy cafe at 107 East Main St.
  • The Knitting Needles: These massive needles measure 13.75 feet long, 3.25 inches in diameter and each weigh 25 pounds — they formerly held the World’s Largest title from 2013-2017 and can be found at 2 East Main Street.
  • The Crochet Hook: This hook was the world’s largest from 2013-17 and stands over 6 feet tall and weighs 9 pounds. It’s located at 2 East Main St.
  • The Big Softball Bat: Casey is famous for softball and this mammoth bat is located at the USA Softball of Illinois Hall of Fame in Fairview Park — at 401 E. Monroe Ave. At the right angle, visitors can snap a picture where it looks like they’re holding the bat.
  • The Big Birdcage: The birdcage, located at 26 W. Main St., is a fan favorite and features a perch that visitors can sit on inside the cage.
  • The Big Antlers: Located at 905 N. Route 49, visitors can take a fun photo by sitting where the head would be on this gargantuan set of antlers.
World's Largest Rocking Chair-Casey, Illinois
World’s Largest Rocking Chair | photo via lilyperkins24

Discover the Giant Wonders of This Scenic Small Town

As you wander through the streets of Casey, try not to be amazed by the sheer scale of its attractions. Marvel at the towering presence of the world’s largest rocking chair or snap a selfie in front of the colossal wind chime.

With more than two dozen attractions to see in Casey and its neighboring towns, there’s something to capture the attention and imagination of every resident and visitor. So whether you love roadside attractions or you love taking fun, quirky photos, spend time admiring every magnificent Casey attraction and discover the joy of this small town.